Welcome Teacher Candidates

Dear Candidate:

Welcome to the Fort Zumwalt School District. This letter is intended to help you understand the application, interview and selection process in Fort Zumwalt. It is our goal to provide a positive experience for everyone who applies as we get to know you and your special qualities and skills as an educator and/or staff member in the Fort Zumwalt School District. The application, interview, and selection process is outlined below. Thank you for your interest in our school district.

Application and Pre-Screening Process: 
Anyone interested in a certified, support staff, or substitute position in Fort Zumwalt must apply online and complete the full application packet. This includes uploading certain documents and completing online screening profiles. You will be directed to do all of that when you are in the TalentEd system. When your application is completed and submitted, it will be reviewed by district administrators.  If you are selected for an online, video, structured screening interview, you will be contacted through the TalentEd platform or through separate email from a district official.
   In some cases, you will be screened at a district or university job fair.  That interview information will be added to your online application and will help us as we consider you for an online, video, structured interview.

Online Video Structured Interviews:
The screening process is ongoing throughout the year and allows the district to identify and maintain a pool of top applicants. Applicants are not necessarily contacted after the screening interview, since the purpose is not to interview for a specific position, but rather to include information in the file for further consideration.
1. The online video screening interview is the first step of the process being used in our school district to help in the selection and development of personnel recommendations. The interview is designed to allow you to describe freely your own thoughts, feelings, and actions. We think it will be helpful and thought provoking for you as well as for us.  
2. The online video screening interview will be asking you numerous questions. You will have approximately 30 seconds to read the question. You will then have two-minutes to video record your response to the question.
3. Do not feel as though you must go into great detail in responding to each question, but do share the essence of your beliefs and behaviors. In responding to most questions, you should be able to clarify your beliefs and behaviors in about one minute.
4. At the conclusion of our questions you will be given the opportunity to share any additional information that you feel will help us know you as a person and professional.

Building Interviews: Building interviews are conducted only as openings occur.  Based on results from the screening of the application, references, other documents and the online structured interview, the Personnel Office and building principals will select and contact those applicants to be interviewed at the building level.  Applicants interviewing at the building level will be contacted by the principal regarding the decision made about the specific opening.

If you are recommended for a position, the Assistant Superintendent or the Personnel Director will contact you to confirm your willingness to accept the position.  The recommendation would then be submitted to the Board of Education and employment would become official upon their approval.  All approvals are contingent upon a successful records check and all of the employment requirements of the particular position you have been offered.  You will then be asked to come in to sign your contract and review the terms of conditions of employment.
   If you are not recommended for employment after having interviewed with a building principal, you will be notified of that fact by the building principal.  Your application will remain active for the remainder of that school year (certified staff), or one year (support staff).

You can see a list of selection criteria our district would like to see demonstrated by certified candidates in Fort Zumwalt. All interested candidates should review the job description of the particular position for which you are applying. You also can see job descriptions.

  Thank you for your interest in Fort Zumwalt School District.

St. Pierre, yearbook photoSincerely,

email iconDr. Henry St. Pierre
Assistant Superintendent for Personnel
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