There Are No Heroes with Heroin...My Sister's Battle, Part 2

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Materials a Heroin User might have  
• Spoons
• Head Bands (stretched out or cut up)
• Empty pen cartridges or disassembled pens
• Excessive amount of lighters
• Burnt smell (cooking) in bedroom, car
• Aluminum Foil
• Straws

What Behaviors Might Indicate Heroin Usage in Teens?
1. Presence of small capsules, tablets, or powder in corner of baggies.
2. Erratic behavior, major mood swings.
3. Flu-like or cold-like symptoms routinely off and on.
4. Theft in household, money, electronics, jewelry
5. Unexplained mileage on vehicle.
6. Overt protection of cellphone.
7. Long sleeves in hot weather.
8. Unjustified anger or aggression
9. Slurred speech
10. Sense of disorientation
11. Withdrawal from family members and friends

How to Deal with an Addict
1. Confront the person
2. Be honest, don’t lie for the addict, even if a family member
3. Hide valuables and refrain from giving addict $.
4. Give user an ultimatum, rehab or no support. (going to rehab or no more relationship)
5. Support the person throughout rehab.
6. Join a support group like Nar-Anon.