Understanding Your Footprint
5 Ps of Digital Citizenship 

   During the week of Oct. 17-21, 2016, Fort Zumwalt School District will participate in Digital Citizenship Week. Extending Fort Zumwalt’s Positive Peer Influence philosophy to the digital realm encourages students to protect their personal devices and their personal information; to show the same respect toward each other in online interactions as they would in person; to use credible sources in their academic pursuits and to respect the work of others.

Understanding that what we do online is public and permanent is key to building strong, safe digital citizens. While privacy settings and passwords protect information, anything you do online leaves an impression, your Digital Footprint. Information in your profile, open social media accounts and photos of you online become a part of this footprint.

   Fort Zumwalt encourages students to protect passwords and accounts, to carefully create profile information and to get parent permission before installing an app or creating an online account.

   Here are some resources to continue the conversation with your kids.

  1. Common Sense Media

  2. NSTeens.org

  3. Missouri Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force