Digital Citizenship

The message of Positive Digital Citizenship extends Fort Zumwalt School District’s philosophy of addressing problems that are characteristically experienced in pre-adolescent and adolescent development to the digital realm.  

  • It encourages students to protect their personal devices and their personal information.

    It encourages students to show the same respect toward each other in online interactions as they would in person.

    It encourages students to use credible sources in their academic pursuits and to respect the work of others.

link to graphic organizerMessages on Digital Wellness encourage choices that promote psychological, social and physical health. Because technology is a part of every day, no matter if you're 6 or 60, piecing together  a healthy lifestyle means making healthy technology choices.

Choices that LIFT UP your mood

Choices that BUILD UP positive peer influence.

Choices that SHAKE UP your day when you unplug and recharge.

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link to graphic organizer

Thank you to our Partners for the 2018 Cyber Safety Summit:

St. Charles County Police Department
Missouri Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force
St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney ... Check Back for presentation
Crider Health Center
Megan Meier Foundation ... For Tina Meier's presentation CLICK HERE
Julie Smith, Webster University
Dr. Jerry Cox, Fort Zumwalt School District ... CLICK HERE for presentation
The Child Center