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A Note to Volunteers
Fort Zumwalt School District is grateful for the work of the many volunteers who support teaching, learning, extracurricular activities and our community by donating their time and talents to our schools. We want to make you aware of some changes we have made, and share with you why.

A new law went into effect in August which has implications on how the Fort Zumwalt School District, and all schools in Missouri, handle background checks for those who volunteer in our schools. The District has historically conducted background checks on our volunteers. The new law,
Missouri House Bill 604, calls for a more rigorous “fingerprint” background check on any volunteer who “assists a school by providing uncompensated services and who may periodically be left alone with students.” The law further requires that the District conduct a fingerprint background check for any volunteer who might have access to student records. According to the law, volunteers who might be working alone with students must have gone through this background check and been cleared by the District prior to being left alone with a student.

We know most of our volunteers are not left alone with students and do not have access to student records. These volunteers still must undergo a background check, but it does not require fingerprinting. Our buildings are aware of the new requirements and the District has implemented procedures to be in compliance with the new law. Staff and administrators are working with volunteers to determine the level of background check each requires so the District remains compliant with the law.  

We appreciate everyone’s commitment to our teaching and learning, and your cooperation as we work through these changes and continue to keep our focus on student safety. Please contact your child’s school or the District Office should you have any questions about this new law.

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