Seal of Biliteracy 2022
Almost 70 students earn state honor
Posted on 04/28/2022
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The Missouri Seal of Biliteracy (SoBL) and Distinguished Missouri Seal of Biliteracy are awarded to graduating high school students in districts with a program approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. These students have demonstrated achievement in English (as measured through coursework and standardized test scores), a language other than English (as measured through the STAMP4s or ACCESS tests), and sociocultural competence (as measured through an essay response to a prompt). All Missouri students studying any of the world’s languages are potential SoBL candidates. Congratulations to the following members of the Fort Zumwalt Class of 2022, who earned The Missouri Seal of Biliteracy (SoBL) and Distinguished Missouri Seal of Biliteracy. (Asterisk denotes Class of 2023.)

East High, French

Daniela Amaya-Gonzalez 

Thomas Bambrick

Paige Morgan

Ashley Oviedo

Ashleigh Porter

Samantha Schoo

Sophia Schoo

Hannah Stebe

East High, German

Noah Myers

East High, Spanish 

Daniela Amaya-Gonzalez- Distinguished

Sophia Artz*

Connor Browns

Camille Dutt*

Victoria Ferguson*

Kyle Gremaud*

Mia Jauregui*

 Lillian McNeely

Jackson Parrack

Abigail Sanders

Khushi Shah*

Julia Vitale*

Alexander Wilding

North High, French

Caroline Corr

Natalie George

Sydney Kelsey

North High, German

Sullivan Gleason

North High, Spanish

Eduardo Avalos Vallejo*

Joshua Bauer

Parina Desai

Isabella Ortiz-Acosta

Hope Wheeler*

Caitlin White

South High, French

Kyla Bethel

Grace Boyer

Laci Burroughs

Chloe Dunivan

Sophia Hanna

Elaine Rogers

Nicholas Stovall 

Sophia Ung

Nicole Voss

Emily Watson

Leo Wright

South High, Spanish 

Cassidy Avery

Jacob Beiter

Diane Fuentes

Colin Wilson

West High, Arabic

Razan Khalili

West High, French

Abby Gill

Claire Myers

West High, German

Lucas Ludwig

West High, Hindi

Purvi Jena

West High, Spanish

Anna Arms

Ella Baetje

Jameson Enriquez

Karen Gonzalez-Garcia

Christina Guyre

Emily Heredia

Judith Herrera

Jaden Kaemmerer

Emily Macias - Distinguished

Ashlyn Pierangeli

Kenya Ruelas*

Alejandra Sanchez - Distinguished

Joseph Serio

Angelo Vargas

West High, Tamil

Lakshita Senthil* - Distinguished

Pranav Palaniappan* - Distinguished

West High, Vietnamese

Hahn Le