Use of Fields or Parking Lots


Varsity athletic fields are not available for use by the general public due to the demanding schedule of each high schools activity program. Recognized programs, comprised of Fort Zumwalt students, designed to develop talent for each specific high school will be allowed five (5) days each fall and two (2) days in the spring for varsity field use as a means of enhancing the purpose of their program. Scheduling opportunities for use of the varsity field will be completed once the high school activity calendar is established and under the direction of the activity coordinator. Since these organizations have no direct affiliation with the Fort Zumwalt School District, they must present a certificate of insurance and cover any cost for supervision and/or cleanup as determined by the District (see KG-R).

All other fields throughout Fort Zumwalt School District are on a first come first serve basis. The district does not issue permits for use of these fields.

Parking Lots

In order to use a Fort Zumwalt School District parking lot the following process must be followed:

1.         A letter needs to be written to the Superintendent, Dr. Bernard DuBray, requesting the usage. The letter needs to include the group name, type of event, date or dates of the event, reason for event (i.e. fundraiser, extra parking for nearby event, etc.), and which buildings parking lot they want to utilize.

2.         A certificate of insurance should accompany the letter or must be provided prior to the usage.

3.         Dr. DuBray will respond to the request and copies of approval letter will be sent to  appropriate departments.