Outdoor Education Program


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Camp is animal presentations, archery, fishing, team building exercises and more. Since the 1980s the Fort Zumwalt School District has encouraged the discovery of nature through its Outdoor Education Program. Each fall fifth-graders from across the district have the opportunity to spend five days and four nights in the ultimate outdoor classroom … Cuivre River State Park.


Outdoor education is an accepted and valued part of curriculum in schools throughout the United States. This type of laboratory experience gives students the opportunity to participate in activities firsthand that previously could only be discussed in the classroom. Learning through direct experience is one of the most important phases of the total education of the child. The Fort Zumwalt Outdoor Education Program is a curriculum designed for fifth grade students that provides opportunities to grow through cooperation with others and team challenges. This camp experience helps fifth grade students develop and appreciation of nature and the outdoor environment, a realization that success of an individual is contingent on the success of the group and that the group’s success and dependent on the participation of each individual, creative decision making with the use of higher level thinking as well as life skills to function in the ever changing world. Activities designed to promote this experience have been developed and are incorporated in the Outdoor Education Curriculum.

1. To lead students to the realization that the success of the individual is contingent upon the success of the group, and the success of the group is based upon the success of each individual.
2. To provide students with opportunities for creative decision-making that requires the use of higher level thinking skills    
3. To lead students to a more realistic awareness of their capabilities and self-worth.
4. To lead students to an awareness of how the interdependence of all living things creates a fragile natural environment.
5. To equip students with life skills that will enable them to function effectively in their ever changing world.
6. To provide a hands-on/minds-on interactive experience for students in relationship to the natural world in which they live.

1. Students will grow in their awareness and appreciation of components of the natural environment, and of how the natural environment impacts upon their lives.
2. Students will have a clearer realization of their impact upon their environment and of their relationship to the earth.
3. The fifth grade campers will grow in their physical, social, and emotional attributes and acquire new confidence in their personal abilities.
4. A desirable and productive social climate will be fostered between the students and staff members that will be transferred to the balance of the school program.
5. High school counselors will grow in their capacity for responsibility, leadership, and skill of guiding interpersonal relationships.
6. The fifth graders will benefit from the positive role model provided by teachers and high school counselors.
7. Students will acquire a working knowledge of group problem-solving techniques and strategies using analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
8. Students will receive reinforcement of cognitive and academic skills in specific subject areas.

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