Teacher Selection Criteria

   The following is a list of criteria to help our candidates know the qualities and skills we would like prospective teachers in Fort Zumwalt to demonstrate.

Has proper certification or will complete proper certification within the current semester
Has finished or has plans to complete all certification requirements (including 8-16 week student teaching experience) within the current semester
Has earned a GPA of 3.0 or higher in the education degree
Has earned A’s in student teaching
Has earned B’s or higher in subject areas which the teacher will teach
Has no criminal background or is honest and able to explain any criminal past
Any criminal past does not question the candidate’s integrity or moral character
Has positive references from former employers and student teaching experience or practicum experiences
Speaks positively about other school districts, parents, students, past employers and community
Demonstrates positive attitude in the interview process:
              • Phone calls to staff at the district office or in the building
               Job fairs
               Other interactions with Fort Zumwalt staff and community
Has turned in a completed and professional looking application packet 
               Answers all questions on the application
               Uses proper grammar, spelling and punctuation
               Includes resume, cover letter, transcripts, certification and three letters of recommendation
In the on-line style profile screener, written answers to questions in application and all screening interviews, candidate demonstrates the following attributes:
               Thorough understanding of how students learn
               Understanding & ability to articulate how to differentiate & individualize for all students including those with IEP’s
               Responsibility for student growth
               Professionalism in dress, communication and nature of answers
               Accountability for personal growth
               Responsibility for community service
               Positive communication skills
               Compassion for children and adults
               Positive interpersonal skills
               Willingness to seek and use feedback from all stakeholders
Has built a positive reputation in previous employment and educational settings
Has distinguished himself/herself among other candidates in the same content area by having unique training, knowledge, experience, certifications or interests.  Has no inappropriate social networking postings that would question the integrity of the teacher as a role model to students