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Fort Zumwalt School District scored a 100 percent on its Annual Performance Report from the state. But what does that mean for students? And how can we continue to perform at or close to this level? Let’s take a closer look.

The state scores school districts in five areas. Scores from four categories make up about half of the total points. Scores from the Achievement category make up the the rest. Let’s start at the beginning. Just how important is it to Be in School?

Studies show a strong relationship between attendance and academic performance. Attendance is one of the categories the state grades. According to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, 92.9 percent of Fort Zumwalt students were in regular attendance during the 2017-2018 school year and the district earned all of the possible points in this category.

The state awards a sliding scale of points for attendance beginning with students who are in class 85 percent of the school year. But a student who is in class 85 percent of the time has missed the equivalent of about 26 days of instruction. Fort Zumwalt has set our attendance goal at 95 percent of students in school 95 percent of the school year. It is the equivalent of missing about 9 days of instruction. Studies show just being at school improves learning, so we’ll continue to strive for 95-95.

Fort Zumwalt also earned all of the points possible in the Graduation Rate category. The state measures students who have graduated in four, five, six or seven years.

Getting that diploma makes a big difference in salary earnings over a person’s lifetime. Fort Zumwalt strives to help students stay on track to graduate. Through a variety of alternative education programs, Fort Zumwalt students can get that high school diploma and create opportunities for their future. 

After graduation, many of our students continue their education. The state awards points for College and Career Readiness three ways. Fort Zumwalt earned all of the points for where our graduates go next (2-year or 4-year university, technical school, the military); all of the points for student achievement on tests such as the ACT and ASVAB (administered to students interested in military careers); and all of the points for student success in coursework such as Advanced Placement and college credit courses.

Fort Zumwalt strives to continue to prepare younger students for advanced coursework when they get to high school and continues to expand options in the high school curriculum. Our Career and Technical Education Department is also working to design courses that prepare students for the workplace, providing certifications in a variety of industries.

Achievement is measured for all students and is almost half of the total points awarded. It is also awarded for what the state calls the Super Subgroup. The Super Subgroup is made up of students  who are black or Hispanic; who are English Language Learners; who are participants in the federal free-and-reduced meal program; or who are on an Individualized Education Plan. These students count both in the Super Subgroup and in the overall score for Achievement. Fort Zumwalt earned every point possible in the Achievement category and in the Super Subgroup category.

Using data collected at the school, classroom and student levels teachers can determine what needs to be done differently to ensure that all reach their potential. Teachers and school leaders work hard to identify each student’s areas of strength and continue to intervene where there are concerns, helping students master important skills. 

We’re proud of our staff and of the growth we see in our students. We will always strive to provide a positive and safe learning environment where there is a strong commitment to the virtues of democracy, citizenship, self-discipline, the work ethic, and the need to respect all members of society. Because for Fort Zumwalt School District it’s our mission that all reach their potential.