Glossary of Frequent Terms

Here are some terms that might come up as you visit our buildings or when you enroll your students. We apologize ahead of time if we might be speaking in shorthand. Please don’t hesitate to stop us and ask us to explain any initials, acronyms, policies or programs. We are here for you.


ERDOn our eight district-wide Early Release Days, all Fort Zumwalt students are dismissed two-and-half hours early. Buses run their regular routes and study hall is available for high school students with after-school activities. These Wednesdays are marked with a circle on the district calendar.

GATEis our gifted and talented program for middle school students. G … A … T… E… meets for an hour a day as part of a student’s regular schedule. Counselors administer tests and handle paperwork for all GATE candidates.


IEPis an Individualized Education Plan, developed as a partnership between parents, teachers and administrators to help provide the optimum environment for a student’s unique needs.


JETis our gifted and talented program for elementary students. Journeys into Expanded Thinking meets once a week at St. Peters Elementary. Bus transportation is provided from your student’s home school. Counselors administer tests and handle paperwork for all JET candidates.

PD Days– Two days a year our students get the day off, but our teachers are hard at work learning. Professional Development days are key to continuously improving teacher performance and, subsequently, student achievement.


SIS K12Student Information System K-12 is our database. Most parents just call it the Parent Portal. After providing your contact information and presenting ID to your school office that shows you are a parent or guardian of the student in question, a username and password will be sent to the e-mail account you provide. From there, you can log-in to the Parent Portal (SIS) and see everything from grades, to assignments to what your child ate for lunch.

Volunteer Request Formis required for anyone who is helping in our buildings. No one can volunteer in our schools without first completing this form and undergoing an initial background check. Depending upon the frequency of your volunteer time and the contact you have with students, you might be required to complete a more thorough background check than the initial one performed in your school’s office.