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Sources for adaptive living, learning, and fun

Lighthouse for the Blind Consumer Programs Check out Space Camp, SOAR summer program for college-bound students, Sports Camp and more!
 Your state agency to help transition after high school
Learn more about Wolfner Library Your free library service with braille, audio, and electronic books and magazines
 Meet other families on this walk. A site of American Foundation for the Blind 
Free books for students enrolled in public schools with IEP
Learn the UEB braille code

AND VISION IMPAIRMENT  A great website. You can also subscribe to a mailing list to receive regular ideas. Hand under Hand info and videos


The Blind Planet is a rapidly-growing web site that offers a lot of valuable information for the blind community, and / or for those people who are interested in learning about blindness and how blind people go about their daily lives. You will find many audio podcasts and tutorials on different topics. These can range from software and hardware reviews / tutorials on different software programs and hardware devices that blind people use on a daily basis to sound-seeing tours of places such as museums, parks, etc. There are links to many blindness-related web sites that focus on specific topics related to blindness, as well as links to many blindness-related mailing lists where you can ask questions on certain topics and make new friends with others in the blind community. The link to the audio podcast feed is: Blind Planet will host your podcast for you for free. I have a very simple process for you to upload your submission so that it can be made available to other site visitors. Go to go to and click on the “Submissions” link in the site’s navigation bar to get there. You will be presented with a form you can use to upload your podcast. The news aggregator checks for blindness-related news every hour, and downloads it to the Blind Planet for you to read. The URL to the news aggregator’s RSS feed is To find out more about Blind Planet, go to

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American Printing House for the Blind

Exceptional Teaching Inc. 

 Maxi Aids

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