General Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

General Computer shortcuts and commands for Windows


main window = Windows m

Word = ctrl alt w

Google = ctrl alt g

Google Drive on laptop = ctrl alt v

mail = ctrl alt m

Duxbury = ctrl alt d


print = ctrl p

file = alt f

select all = ctrl a

save = ctrl s

If you want to save in a different place or format, you have to go to File and then arrow down to Save As


Google Bookmark Favorites

You have Gmail, Missouri Connections, Easy Bib, and Google Drive in your Bookmark Favorites

Go to File (alt F),

arrow down to Bookmarks (or hit "b")

arrow down to the site you want


Google Internet

Open site = ctrl o

Headings = Insert F6

Links List = Insert F7

Next non linked text = n

Say all = insert + down arrow

Edit box: you will hear a pop sound

General moving around: arrows or tab
Zoom in = ctrl +
Zoom out = ctrl -



In Word and Duxbury

File = alt F

New doc = ctrl n

Change font size: alt h, type in letters "fs", type in size you want

To Zoom = alt w, q, tab to percent box, type in size you want

to highlight: get to front of what you are highlighting,hold the shift key while going down (arrow, page down, or End for end of line). Let go of everything when you have what you want.

to Copy: ctrl c

to Cut: ctrl x

to paste: ctrl v

To move to beginning of line: Home

To move to end of line: End

Move by words: hold control key and use arrows left or right