Apps for iDevices

Apps for Vision 

Vision Lights and Magnifiers
LED Light Box: Slim, ultra bright, versatile and environmentally friendly makes this modern light box ideal for film, slides and x-rays viewing.
Bigger and brighter: Reading glasses tool for people who have difficulty reading fine print and focusing on nearby objects due to presbyopia, eye illness, etc.
Flashlight: Instantly turn your iPhone into the brightest possible Flashlight.
LED Torch Flashlight: Illuminate your way in the dark using the built-in LED flash.
VisionAssist: New category of handheld electronic magnifier.
BigMagnify: Use the ENTIRE screen as a BIG magnifying glass.
Magnifying Glass with Light: Digital magnifier with flashlight.
Night Vision: Takes real pictures and videos at the lowest luminosity without any additional appliances on iPhone. 
Quick Brightness: Use as a widget to change screen brightness.
Binoculars: 12x Photo-Quality Zoom and one-tap access to Satellite Aerial View.
Easy Reader: RSS is here to fill the void in the RSS Reader market.
Light Detector: This app transforms any natural or artificial light source it encounters into sound.
Mirror 3-in-1: uses the iPhone 4's camera and LED flash as a mirror, a magnifying glass, and a flashlight.

Scanning Apps 

Seeing AI
KNFB Reader
Genius Scan

​Reading Apps​

Voice Dream Reader
Capti Narrator
BARD (National Library Service)

Developing Visual Scanning Skills
Animal Discovery: Game where users learn about animals and feed/take care of them.
Animal Discovery II: Interactive iPad game for kids allowing them to visually recognize and learn about animals.
Animalia: Deluxe images to truly see the finite detail and brand new touch based interactive features.
Cut the Rope: Cut the rope to feed candy to little monster Om Nom®.
The Bug Hunter HD: Move the magnifying glass to locate the the selected bug(s) in the display jar.
Word Search Unlimited: Play unlimited high quality word search puzzles, with user selected themes.
Glow Hockey: Game using glow lights to highlight the hockey game, easy to play, hard to master.
B&W High Contrast: Interactions are designed with an action / reaction play pattern – perfect for even the youngest babies.
Big Bang Pictures: High contrast animated images and great sound effects designed to provide visual stimulation and to develop and assess visual preferences.
Pocket Bowling 3D HD: Pocket Bowling 3D comes with a power packed Bowling games in 3Dimension View. It is well designed with all aspects of a standard bowling game, to give users an awesome gaming experience.
Peeping Musicians: Black background and brightly colored musicians provide great contrast making this activity very suitable for users with visual and perceptual difficulties.
Baby First Look: This app pleasantly animate various patterns with soothing classics or nature sounds.
Baby View: Variety of simple and interactive scenes for parent and baby to enjoy together. The scenes promote visual development, focus and motion tracking.
Eye Movement Training: Activities on this app improves the eye muscle usage by following the moving object by rolling eyeball only.
Eda Play: Designed to stimulate the child to watch the action on the tablet display in an interactive way and to complete the tasks.
Splashy Fish: Tap on your device to make the fish swim.
Piano Tiles: In this game, players tap the black tiles to create musical notes, and lose if they tap the white tiles.
VisualBraille (VB) Lite: This app promotes learning of standard Braille code. 
VisualBraille: Developed to help Vocational Rehabilitation instructors, Orientation and Mobility instructors learn to read and comprehend Braille by providing a means to translate common words, sentences, numbers, and computer related information from text to Braille.
PocketBraille Lite: Learn the alphabet and punctuation symbols of the Braille code as an entry point to the language.
Braille.Now: Designed to teach sighted persons how to recognize the Braille letters a-z.
Braille 123: Learning game that will teach you to recognize the Braille Alphabet Symbols.
Braille Driller: 'Connect-the-dots' mix & match, multiple choice games to match a Braille character & standard letters, toggle dots in a Braille character to the correct pattern for a letter or digit, and lots of other activities.
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