Early Childhood Curriculum
The Fort Zumwalt Early Childhood Curriculum represent a shared set of expectations for preschool children, expectations developed by drawing upon current research about how young children learn. It is important to keep in mind, however, that children learn and develop in their own unique ways. While research demonstrates that these standards are appropriate for most children who are about to enter kindergarten, our responsibility as educators is to assess where each child is on the literacy continuum and build on what that child knows and can do. We will draw on research to assist teachers in identifying important concepts and skills as well as effective methods for fostering children’s learning and development. When informed by teachers’ knowledge of individual children, a well-articulated curriculum guides teachers so they can provide children with experiences that foster growth across a broad range of developmental and content areas. We also want to ensure that planning is intentional and the schedule (a) maximizes children’s learning through effective use of time, materials used for play, self-initiated learning, and creative expression as well as (b) offers opportunities for children to learn individually and in groups according to their developmental needs and interests.

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