Immunization Requirements

The State of Missouri lists student immunization requirements by grade here in English.
Requisitos de Vacunación para las Escuelas de Missouri 2021-2022 en Espanol.

As of July, 2020, the St. Charles County Health Department isn't offering immunizations.
Families on Medicaid or state insurance can contact Lincoln County Public Health or St. Louis County Public Health.

Families can also go through their primary care doctor. If your doctor isn't immunizing, contact your insurance provider to see where your coverage includes immunizations.

For exemption cards, call the Bureau of Immunization at 573-751-6124

According to state law, students who are not in compliance with immunization requirements will not be allowed to attend school.

Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, the state has new requirements for incoming 8th graders and 12th graders. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions on the new rules.

Meningococcal Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions

Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, the State of Missouri has added a “meningococcal” vaccine requirement for all students entering eighth (8th) and twelfth (12th) grades. 8th grade: 1 dose required (must have been administered after the age of 10)

12th grade: Two (2) doses are required unless the first dose was given at age 16 or older.  Then only one (1) dose is required.


Q:  What is the Meningococcal disease?

A:  Meningococcal disease is a serious bacterial illness. It is a leading cause of bacterial meningitis in children 2 through 18 years old in the United States. Meningitis is an infection of the covering of the brain and the spinal cord.

Q: If my child had the vaccine before the age of 10, does it count for the State of Missouri’s 8th or 12th grade requirement?

A: No, any meningococcal vaccine given before the age of 10 does not count for the 8th or 12th grade requirement.

Q: What are the names and abbreviations of accepted meningococcal vaccines?

A: The acceptable vaccines are Menveo, Menactra, MCV4, MCV and MenACWY.

Q: My child has had a meningococcal vaccine, but the vaccination record I have only indicates “meningitis”.  What do I do?

A: If the vaccine was given after the age of 10, you will need to ask your child’s physician to give you a record that has the exact name of the immunization to provide for the school. Since there are different types of meningitis vaccines,  your school nurse can only accept one of the vaccines listed above.  If you cannot verify the type of vaccine, your child will have to get the MCV to meet the state requirement.

Q:  Can I send my child’s immunization record to school during this school year for the nurse to review to tell me if the immunizations are in compliance with state law?

A:  Yes, the nurse can review a student’s current immunizations so that you can make plans for any needed immunizations.  

Q:  What if my student received one of the accepted vaccines before turning ten?

A:  The vaccination will have to be administered again.  Only vaccines administered after the student turns ten years old count toward the state’s requirement.

Q:  Why is a booster shot of a quadrivalent meningococcal conjugate vaccine recommended for my teen?

A:  Protection from a single dose of the vaccination declines in most teens within 5 years.  So, a second dose is needed at age 16 to boost teens’ protection during the ages when they are at highest risk of meningococcal disease.  

Q:  Where can I get more information on immunization requirements?

A:  You may contact your school’s nurse, your child’s pediatrician, the St. Charles County Health Department, or visit our school’s website,